Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Inspiration. (A little about me.)

Random Signs.

Where do you get your design inspiration? It’s a question often asked. The list is infinite. One of the things I love most about design is its ever-changing nature. For me, inspiration comes from so many different directions. More than once, I’ve designed a room based on a tile, a pillow or a piece of accent furniture that caught my eye and compelled me to use it. I’m not saying the piece actually spoke to me (thankfully, I do NOT hear voices). Its just that what may be seemingly simple or mundane things when looked at in a different light can be a driving force in a beautifully creative project.

Someone once asked me why I don’t wear much color. My wardrobe is predominantly black, white and shades of gray. On the defensive, I responded that I didn’t want to “compete with my interiors.” I suppose it is rather ironic. I do love color. I mean that. I love it. You’ll see. Color produces powerful emotional responses. It should not be taken lightly nor used too sparingly. [Author’s Note: I am attempting to introduce color into my wardrobe, its just slow-going.]

Texture and shape evoke emotional responses, too. I tend to be very tactile. I love to touch things. Many of the showrooms I visit are now familiar with my frequent refrain, “I have to touch this.” In museums and art exhibits I have to remind myself to keep my hands down. So far, so good. At least no one has had to ask me to leave.

The list is too long to discuss all at once. Suffice it to say that I truly believe that life is all about perspective. You know: half-empty or half-full…keeping the mind open provides much opportunity for simple inspiration.

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